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£ôvèlÿ £í©î

à ĐŕŐρ Ōf Ģô£đĘñ §ūń




March 30th, 2009

July 2nd, 2007

Ok, big skip. I started with the trip TO Miami. Now, I'm going to skip everything in between, and go to the trip BACK to Halifax.

My flight was schedule for Thursday at 8:20am. Usually, for an American Airline flight, they suggest that you be at the airport 2 hours ahead. Well, my father is late for EVERYthing, and wait for the last minute to do EVERYthing. The hotel, Embassy Suites (http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=MIASPES), was only about 10 to 15 minutes away from the airport. I probably should have been to the airport at 6:20am, but that was the time my father deemed appropriate to leave the hotel. TYPICAL.

OH, mini-story.

I was ready to go through security, but my father insisted that it was too early, and there was time to go to the hotel for breakfast. I reluctantly agreed after about 3 minutes of debate. First, he had to go to the men's room. THEN, it was ABSOLUTELY necessary for him to go into the bookstore/newsstand. That was about 10 minutes, but I got to look at newly released books, so whatever. Then, he HAD to have Starbucks. He has a serious coffee thing. I had a hot chocolate. Finally, we got to the parking lot, into the car, and drove to the hotel. The breakfast was still going on, so I chose my ingredients and stood in line (despite being an Adamson... hahaha... This will be explained in a future entry) to have an omelet made. I think I had french toast with it... and orange juice. At 9:30am breakfast is over, and they close it down, so at about 9:28am, we got up and started collecting muffins and fruit to take upstairs to Jill and MBMB who were still sleeping. We also got tea bags and a cup of hot water for Jill. When we got upstairs, they were still asleep, so we put it all in kitchen area.

I sat on the couch in the chill-out area, but couldn't find the remote. I grabbed the one from the bedroom (actually for the tv in there) and used it. After a while, Jill woke up, and got quite the surprise when she saw me sitting up, quite relaxed, chilled out, watching tv. Haha.

"Well... So... What's going on here?"
"Hmm? What?!"
"Missed ya flight, eh?"
"Pssht! NO! I just decided that My Brudda My Brudda was not wake enough when I left, and I needed to say a proper goodbye."
"WHAT... flickin' ever. YES, you miss ya flight!"
"No, I didn't!"
"Well, what happened then?"
"NOTHING! I needed to say bye to My Brudda My Brudda, mannnn!"
*sucks teeth* "What happened, girl? You missed the flight?"
"Noooo, maaannnn."

Finally, I briefly told her what happened, and what was expected to happen. The only thing I remember her saying is, "You'd SLEEP in NEW YORK?!" in a tone dripping of shock. Hahaha.



June 30th, 2007

Long Trip

In the words of any elderly Bahamian person, Well, what a time! It's been quite the trip, but I am BACK IN THE FAX! YAY! No one can truly understand what a blessing that can be. There's so much to tell about the YHZ to MIA and the time spent there, but right now, all I can manage is the YHZ to MIA travel story.

My father only bought my ticket to come back here the day before he was to pick me up from the airport. How I know this is a different story for a different entry, as hilarious as it is, and as much as I would like to share it now. I'd just rather leave it for later. Anyway, he ended up buying a ticket from MIA to YHZ, and YHZ to MIA which means that I have no ticket from MIA to NAS. When he'll buy my Nassau ticket, I don't know. ANYway, my flight was to leave at 6:05am from Halifax to go to New York. At about midnight, I got a phone call from my cousin, Neysa, in Nassau. She said that an AA recording called the house to inform me that the 6:05 flight to NY was canceled, and I have been re-ticketed. I would no longer be leaving in the morning, but at TWO O'CLOCK PM. I was NOT impressed. When she said this, I just laughed. She asked why I was laughing and all I could say was, "Neysa, all I COULD do is laugh. What ELSE am I gonna do?" Anyway, she said she couldn't write fast enough, so she gave me the AA reservations number (which I know anyway) to get the full story. I called, and they confirmed that I was to be on the 2pm flight to NY, and then on a flight from NY to Miami. I can't remember the flight time, but I had to walk PUR-RIT-TYYYYY fast to get to the gate in time. I got to Miami around 5:30 or 6pm. I walked in a bit of a maze to get to the baggage claim area where I knew my party would be waiting for me. Just as I got on the escalator to go down to the baggage area, my cell phone rang. It was my mother asking where I was, and I looked straight down and saw here to the right of a pillar which was to the right of the escalator I was going down. I said, "Looking straight at you." She started to look up, and at the moment, MBMB saw me, and I saw him pull her behind the pillar. It was pretty funny. My father was, apparently, somewhere sitting in the car. He didn't want to park.

We waited around for luggage to come. Keep in mind that I was up and waiting to leave for the airport from before midnight. (I called the cab people and told them to pick me up at 11am instead.) I was tired and ready to go. OH! Before I get there, when I stepped off of the escalator, mother and brother were both directly to my right. She looks at me and says, "Gees, you so FAT!" WTF?! Seriously, WTF?! Is that the FIRST thing to say to your child?! The daughter you haven't seen in over six months, and call every damn day?! Eff me. Seriously. Just eff me. Then she hugs me, and I just stand there. Of course, she wants to know if, "that's the kinda hug" I'm gonna give here. I simply said, "Well the first thing you have to say to me is that I'm fat. No hello, no nice to see you. Nothing. Just I'm fat. And now you want me to hug you." Then she went on and on about how she can't believe, "I took that to heart." W...T...F?!?! (WAIT A MINUTE! I'm not supposed to be telling THIS story. I'm supposed to be talking about my flight BACK! OH, WELL! Too late NOW!) So anyway, I leave her, and talk to my brother instead, completely ignoring her any time she tried to get in the conversation or anything of the sort. We waited and waiting for the luggage. I told my brother what it looked like: big, dark blue, on two wheels, kind of like a duffel bag. I pointed out a few that looked like it. We waited and waited. Once or twice I pointing at bags thinking it was it. Once, someone else pulled it off of the conveyor belt. HAHAHA. The other time, when it got close enough, I realized it wasn't it. Finally, one bag came around, and I got excited, saying, "THAT'S IT, Alan! That's the bag!" He got excited, and just dragged it off. We went outside and found where my father was, in the car. He got out to lift the bag into the trunk of the car. (I fought with my brother the whole way because he wanted to lift the bag, and take it to the car, and I didn't want him to, with his arm and everything. "I hate how y'all is make me feel so USELESS, jed," he said to me. (By the way, "jed" is a variation of "dread" which is like "bey" - used instead of "girl", "boy", or a person's name.) Anyway, my father lifted the black bag into the trunk, and we went to the hotel. We dumped the bag off, then headed out to dinner. The choice of the evening was Outback Steakhouse which was the most disappointing meal I've ever had in my life. More on that later. After the very late dinner, we went back to the hotel for the night. It was about midnight and we all got ready for bed. I went to the bag we got from the airport to get my nightwear and bathroom items, and the first thing I saw was a pair of flip flops. I dropped the top of the bag. I looked around. The first person I saw was Alan, and I called him to show him the bag. "Um... Alan... This isn't my bag." Alan was like, "WHAAAAT?! Nooooo, bey, Alicia." We both laughed. We looked at Alan Daddy, and he was SLEEPING. My mother was in the bed. She looked at us, and asked what happened. We told her. She said she wasn't  "in that" and "ya daddy done sleepin'" and "ya done know what kinda day tomorrow ga be" (with Alan having his surgery) and that "It's 1 o'clock in the morning, and ain' nothing you could do, so you might as well go to sleep". Yeah. GREAT ADVICE! Anyway, we giggled more, and then complied.

Gosh, that is LONG! This entry may not fit. I'll stop here for today.

March 24th, 2007

So, I went to the Dome tonight, alone. Haha. I am SO cool. Hahaha. I'm not sure if I'm more of a thug, or a total nutcase. Seriously. WHO goes to the DOME, of all places, alone?! Hahaha. This is my second time, I do believe, doing this. Anyway, I took the 10 bus at 11:15 pm to Spring Garden Road, and went to Gatsby's. I watched the first quarter, and then some, of the NCAA March Madness USC vs. UNC game. It was pretty good. While watching it, I had coconut rum and pineapple juice. Next, I had something with some blue stuff, soda-like stuff, and red stuff which, of course, was purple in the end. It was ok, but I don't like spritzers or whatever. THEN, I had something made with milk which was pink, It looked and tasted like PeptoBismol. After that, I'd had enough. I walked to the Dome. The line at Cheers wasn't moving AT ALL. It was ridiculous. After about 5 mins, a girl came and asked how long I was there for. Eventually, she sent her friends to the Dome entrance to check out the line. They told here to come, and I ran behind her. We talked for all of the three minutes we had to wait on the line. We were in in no time. Too bad for those suckers who waited at Cheers. Anyway, I went STRAIGHT to the dancefloor. I can't tell ya WHAT they were playing, but I sure as HELL danced to it. After about two songs, I went and got a drink. I had about 3 drinks at the Dome. Two of them were Tequila Sunrise. I have no idea what the first one was. I dance pretty much the whole night. The music was awesome. I got in from about 12:30am, and I was there til closing at 3am. I was on one of those stage-like things with a pole for the better part of the night. I met some fun people from God knows where. We danced together and just had a good time. THEN, a guy waved to me from another stage thinger. At first I looked away, then the face registered to me. It was Julien! The guy who used to go to SMU and had the most AWESOME hair... Then he cut it, and moved to Dal. It was the first time I'd seen him since... I don't know... Definitely last school year. Well I waved back excitedly. We made eye contact once or twice after that when he'd moved to the dancefloor. When my new buddy left, he motioned for me to join him and his friends. He was with about 5 guys who appeared to be... I don't know... Middle Eastern or something. Anyway, I joined them, and we all kinda dance in our own space... UNTIL...HAHAHA. Until they were ALL OVER ME! Hahaha. Even Julien said, at the end of the night, "OMG, they were ALL OVER YOU!" Hahaha. It was fun though. We took some pictures, and I promised to Facebook 'em so Julien could grab them. My camera battery was pretty dead. I guess I should have expected that since I didnt charge it since the trip to Fredericton during Reading Week. Anyway, it kept us from taking more pics. Oh well. I also have pics with the random people from somewhere I forget the name of. I have one of the girls' email address, so I'll send 'em along. It was a good night. I walked to Subway, Spring Garden, and got a 6 inch turkey sub and a choc. chip cookie. MMM! Well, actually, I don't know yet. I'm gonna eat it after I wash my face which will happen after I finish this entry. I wasn't here 10 minutes before the fire alarm went off. It beeped and crap for like 10 minutes. Finally, it's done. If I was sleeping, I would not have been amused.

Anyway, I had a really good time. I really felt free and uninhibited and all that good stuff. There was no one to bother me or anything. All the people I know were either at home, or at Rain where there was a Caribbean-Middle Eastern event. I knew it would be a good night to go to the Dome, and really let loose. Exam are coming up, so I intend to get all the partying out of me so that when the time comes, I have no problem locking down and studying. Next weekend should be another fun one, though probably not quite as good since the Dome will be crowded again. Anyway, I did some pole dancing which was fun.

Hmmm... That's it for now. It's bed time. Food first though. Hahaha.

March 16th, 2007

You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.
It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.
Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 3

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

Hmmm... Leonardo was born on the 10th of a month... close enough to the 11th. Montez was on the 28th, and Sebas was on the 30th. I seem to be dating people born a day away from the "ideal" according to this thinger. Oh well...

Heart breaks... I refuse to believe that one. I'm not expecting any more heart breaks. NOT gonna happen. YES! That's right. I SAY SO!

True loves... I choose to stop at 2, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

March 10th, 2007

I'm very concerned about MBMB. (For those who don't know, that stands for My Brudda My Brudda which I insist on calling my younger brother, Alan.) I concerned for him both now, and for his future. By the time I'm done, it will all make sense.

On Tuesday evening, I was in the gym with Erica. She was on a bike, and I was on one of those killer stepper thingers. I think they call them "elliptical machines" but anyway, we were not close enough to talk, but close enough to see each other. My father called, and I could tell he wanted to say something. Finally, I just asked what was up. He said, "Your brother messed up his arm again." If I was on a treadmill, I would have fallen off. I got off of the machine to have the conversation. I got as much information as I could out of him. Apparently, during PE that morning, he was playing (some ball game - most likely basketball) and the damn shoulder dislocated AGAIN. I was shocked because I thought we were done with this. It happened alot last school year, and he sat out of ALOT of games, and nearly DIED because of it (b/c he wanted to play so bad), but he still suited up for every game, and insisted that he attended, although he couldn't play. He sat out for almost the entire season to allow his arm to kinda connect back with the shoulder joint or whatever. I can actually remember nights when I would wake up in a panic, because he woke up screaming, "Aaaagh! Aaaaagh! Aaaagh!" from pain. I guess his movement in his sleep aggravated it. He would go right back to sleep, but I would still be disturb, after yelling back, "Oh, God, Alan! Your arm! Your arm! You alright?" and hearing him say, "Yeah." Anyway, this time around, it was pretty bad. Usually, he would hold his arm in the least painful position until he got to someone he trusted enough to put it back in place for him. This time, no one could help him. One of his friends helped him to hold it as he walked to the nurse's office, but the nurse couldn't help. He ended up having to call Alan Daddy (this is what I call our father), which he didn't want to do, for whatever reason. Alan Daddy got the call around 10:45am. Jill (our mother) got there shortly after, along with Alan Daddy and Auntie (my grandaunt on my father's side who MBMB and I grew up with). The three of them went there to make sure he was alright, and Jill drove him straight to the hospital, with Alan Daddy following. My aunt went back home to man the phones and sit my grandfather (her brother who had 1,000 strokes and didn't know it until Ma, his mother and my great-grandmother noticed his slurred speech, etc. Anyway, now he's completely effed.). They went to the emergency where he refused to let anyone touch him. He continuously yelled, "NO! NO! I don't do drug! I'm an ATHLETE! I DON'T PUT THAT STUFF IN MY BODY! Don't touch me. I'm NOT letting you TOUCH ME. I wanna see EVERYTHING you doin' and I ga REMEMBER everything you do to me. NO! NO!" and such things. He didn't want to be sedated. All he wanted was food, but they told him no, because it would make him sick. Then, he was thirsty, and they wouldn't give him any water. At one point, he went into shock. He turned WHITE (which isn't THAT far from his complexion anyway, but you get the point) and started hyperventilating, etc. They had to give him oxygen and calm him down.They kept telling him to relax, and put his head on the pillow, but he wouldn't. All he would do is rest his head in his hand, still sitting straight. They kept giving him the stuff to sedate him, but "he got some damn strong nerves" (says my mother) because it just wasn't working. It should only take one shot, but they had to keep giving him more. Finally, they gave him enough. While he was "under the influence" he entertain them well. He went on and on about some "dumb teacher" and how she told another student that he would be a pastor, etc. He talked about movies, including Castaway. He went on and on with details. Luckily, the doctor knew what he was talking about, and was able to engage him in conversation. This is when my father realized, "He must really be paying attention when he goes to the movies, huh?" They also talked about basketball. The doctor asked him who he plays for and he said KA. The doctor said, "Oh, that's a DEAD team." BAD MOVE. MBMB said, "NO! NO! NO!" and the doctor said, "Yes, that's a DEAD team, man." This set MBMB over the edge. He started getting VERY LOUD. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" Eventually, a head doctor came around and said, "What you doin' to dis boy?" The doctor said, "Nothing. I just talkin' to him about basketball." The head doctor said, "No. Not today. Not in here. That's enough." MBMB was getting out of control. Then, as he was coming around, he told doc he was coming right back, right now. Alan Daddy asked him where he was coming from. "Afghanistan." WTF?! LOL. Then, when he came to completely, Alan Daddy asked him how Afg was, and he looked at him like he was a damn idiot.

Anyway, since then, he went to see Dr. Gibson, some sort of specialist. Obviously, now he needs to have the surgery that they've been talking about since last year, around this time. They were hoping it would heal itself if he stopped playing. Obviously not. He needs the surgery. They were looking at Easter weekend for him to have the surgery, but now he's been referred to a specialist in Miami. He's an NBA sport specialist or something. They're going there for a second opinion or whatever. They're trying to arrange it for Easter weekend. This SUCKS because that's my exam time. My first exam is on Easter Monday (which isn't a holiday here). Hopefully, I can focus, and not worry too much about what's going on in Miami while I'm exam-taking. I asked Jill today when she thinks he'll be having the surgery. I'd rather be there, than here at the time. She couldn't even estimate. She pointed out that the Miami doctor may say that they should do it right away, and they may end up staying over so that he could have it done. At the same time, he could say that it's not that big a deal, and Dr. Gibson can do it in Nassau. To be honest, I hope the doc says he'll do it. I don't trust doctors in Nassau too much. I don't know why. I just don't. Anyway, I'm hoping it'll be after exams so that I can meet them in Miami. Still, there's the issue of residence, and not being able to travel between the semester and the time that they move you into summer res. They should be able to understand a family emergency though, right? I don't know...

Anyway, MBMB really likes basketball. He LOVES it. It's pretty much his life, and probably the only reason he goes to school everyday. It's the only reason he's improved his grades by miles in the past two years. He wants to be drafted into the NBA. He even refused to attend university here (with me) because he feels he has much better chances of being drafted from the USA, so he's looking at Florida. I don't know where the money for it is gonna come from. He wants to go to FIU. I looked at FIU for a while myself, but I knew that it was out of the question, so I moved on from it. The only way he'll be able to get there is by scholarship. How is he gonna get an athletic scholarship with a screwed up arm? I'm actually kinda pissed about this b/c my whole reason for going home last summer (in the second session) was so that money would be available for his surgery, and they STILL didn't give it to him. Pretty frickin frustrating. Now look at it. He's going into 12th grade. It's pretty much his last chance, and he'll be recovering. Apparently, it takes 6 months for full recovery. If he has the surgery in April, six months would be october. The season starts in November. Who is to say that he'll be good to go? This SUCKS. I'm upset. Ugh.

I'm trying to be positive, and hope that all things work out... but... What if it doesn't? I wanna tell him to pull up his grades big time, b/c basketball won't be enough anymore... but I don't wanna seem like I'm raining on his parade, or dashing his dreams or whatever. I'm going to have to think about this before I talk to him.

March 1st, 2007


Like Castus, I am avoiding doing real things, so I did this quiz thingy.

February 20th, 2007

You Belong To Me

This is just a gorgeous song, especially after hearing Sherman sing it.

See the pyramids around the Nile
Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle
Just remember, darling, all the while
You belong to me

See the marketplace in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me

I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me

I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me

Check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LizUDNBL4bc&mode=related&search=

February 18th, 2007

I'm doing such a bad job with this whole journal thing. I keep saying I'm going to do better, and then I don't. I give up on that. I'm just gonna post whenever I do, and I hurt my brain trying to remember what happened when. Eventually, it should bother me enough to be some great encouragement to actually to better. Until such time, I'm gonna just do this.

On Wednesday morning, I saw that I was on the SMU website. Finally, the campaign has been kicked off. I'm on the flashing banner across the top of the page with three other students. The shirt they chose to use for me is "I want to get into foreign policy... Bono Style". That was my favourite one. I guess that's why they asked me for my favourite. It's half my face, vertically. Anyway, linkage: http://www.smu.ca/

On Thursday, Jayme from the JANS office informed me that I was in the newspaper. Joe and I went downtown to pick up a few copies. I'll have to send them home for the parentals and people who care to see. I also found it online. It is half my face, horizontal. The bottom half. From the tip of my nose to my waist (to show the shirt). I can't believe Jayme recognized me from the tip of my nose and my lips. We've known each for like two months, and I'd seen her 4 times maximum up to that time. Linkage: http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/epaper/
To see it, the date has to be changed to Th 15/02/2007 and it's in the Living Section, page F3.
Oh! So I told Jill about home Jayme recognized me, and I couldn't believe it. She said, "Well, you do have a lot more cream to your coffee than most (black/mixed people) and your nose is straight 'til it crooked." HAHAHA! What an idiot! Hahahaha!

Wednesday was Singles' Awareness Day, a.k.a Bitter Singles Day, a.k.a Valentine's Day. I like to call it Wednesday. Anyway, Joe and I decided to go for dinner. We'd planned to go all out, and dress up, and order every course possible. Hahaha. We invited Jaymee and Elie, but only Elie made it. I think Jaymee's heart was set on eel. Anyway, by the time we finished two frozen drinks each, spinach dip, and the main course, we were full. No one ordered dessert. Elie just had some coffee. It was a good time, sitting around eating, talking aimlessly about nothing in particular. It helped that we had a great server. When we were done, a bus was coming in about 2 minutes, so and Joe and I took that bus. Elie needed something from Lawton's and said he would take Husky. I think Elie loves Husky. Hahaha.

Thursday, I don't remember anything worth remembering. On Friday, I did the last of four sessions with my 6th grade class at Admiral Westphal, in Dartmouth. No more 45 minute bus rides to and from. That literally took 3 hours out of my Friday for four weeks. Anyway, I love the program, and the students are always great. The last class is always super sad. Oh well. New group next year. Hopefully I'll remember to register early so that I can get a Halifax school. Maybe I'll even do two classes. Anyway, that is all to be seen. I'm not sure of what my schedule will be like next year. I know that I want to do six courses in at least one of the semesters, and I want to get a job to help out a bit with my little expenses. Six courses + Job. That will definitely cut down on the hours that I am available for volunteering. I'm definitely still going to do two program with JA though. The Company Program, and at least one OBW (with the 6th graders). On Friday evening, Jaymee and I spontaneously decided to go to Sushi Shige for dinner. I tried eel for the first time. It wasn't so bad. I wouldn't say that it's the best thing I've ever eaten, but it definitely wasn't all that bad. It was a good time. We talked alot and had LOTS of jokes. Then, we went to Shopper's where we inspected the products, aisle by aisle. We finished up in there, and walked to the bus stop. The bus came in about 5 minutes.

Saturday, I went to Park Lane Mall for 12:30pm to sit at a JA Info Booth to relieve the co-op student who works for JANS. She got back in about an hour, and we shut it down at about 2:30pm. I called Jaymee and she was on her way home from school. We met up, and went to Utility together. I wanted to find out about belly button piercings. The size of those things is kind of larger. Much larger than I thought. I don't think I want a hole that big in my body. I know that the time will come when I no longer want jewelry dangling from my navel. Chances are that this time will come well before the time that I no longer want to bare my belly. I don't think I, or other people, will find an empty hole and/or it's resulting mark particularly attractive. It's so cute - the jewelry and the effect. I just don't know if it's worth it. I mean, it's only $57, but I don't mean in a monetary sense. I mean completely. I don't think I'm going to do it. I've wanted the piercing from 9th grade, and I've come this far without it. What's the rest of my life?! Hahaha. I'll be fine. In the next year or two, someone will come up with a wasy to give the illusion that one has a belly button piercing, much like magnetic earrings. I'll wait for that. Hahaha. Anyway, after Utility, we went to Paperchase for lunch. It was another good time of food and conversation. From there, I headed back to campus. I was SO sleepy.

Later on in the evening, Erica called me. We both yelled at each other for being horrible friends, and people in general. Hahaha. We have a tendency to do that sometimes. Neither of us bothered to call the other for at least a week. The funny thing is that she'd just crossed my mind the night before, but it was much too late to call her. Anyway, she said he Mexican roommate asked her to join her at some Latin night at The Argyle. She missed her music and wanted to go dancing. Erica asked me to go with her, and said she'd already asked Dania, and she said she would go. I said I would. We left campus around 10:45pm. Liz, Erica, and I took a cab to Argyle, and went downstairs to the Latin thing. It was FUN! at first it was kind of dead, and Liz said, "I guess this is the warm up," so we sat down. About 3 songs later, she was ready to dance, and of course, she wanted us to come with her. She taught us a few simple steps, so we did them, and had a great time on the dance floor. As time went on she started doing other things, and Erica and I followed as best we could. It was FUN! Then, Cristina and Carina Lopez arrived. The five of us were together, in a circle, doing our little steps. Those Mexican chicas are some good, wholesome company! We all danced together. They drank water. By 1:15am, they were ready to leave and get dinner. Erica and I were fine with this since our legs were really feeling the dance moves. Hahaha. We went to Sicilian, had pizza, and chatted for a bit. By 2am, we were done, and Erica called a cab for us. We got dropped at Loyola Gorsebrook entrance, said the necessary goodnights as Erica, Liz and Carina live in Loyola, and Cristina and I live in Vanier. I walked with Cristina to D House, and then back to A House. I ended up calling Erica, and we talked about random things until about 4:20am when we realized what time it was. Today, I woke up a few times, but didn't allow myself to get up until about 3:30pm. I took a shower, and then got breakfast. I'm still full from breakfast. This is NOT good since the cafe closes in less than an hour. I'm going to have to get a wrap and put it in the window until I'm ready for it. LOL. The life that I live...

This week, though some people regard it as a break, will be a busy one. I intend to go through ALL of the material that has been covered in the past few weeks. From January 3 to February 15th. I'm going over all of what has been covered, and I'm going to make sure that I understand it all. I've already split it up into days. By Thursday, I want to be finished. I'm leaving early on Friday morning for New Brunswick. I won't be back until Sunday evening, and I should be tired by then. I'll probably go straight to bed, and wake up for Desperate Housewives, my guilty pleasure. Then back to bed. Yes, this week will be busy. Starting now. I'm going to start my reading now.

February 14th, 2007

February 14th Says...

February 14 says: *BITCH SLAP* YOU'RE SINGLE!

The response: Well WHOOP-DEE-FUCKING-DOO! THANKS for the motherfucking reminder. If it weren't for YOU, I would have NEVER realized it. Now wouldn't THAT have been the MOST SUPREME freaking TRAGEDY?! So THANK YOU, dear February 14. Thank you for being a cold, heartless bitch that speaks the obvious with the LOUDEST voice in the fucking auditorium called LIFE!

*Takes a bow*

[Exit, stage left (because of course, stage RIGHT would mean that things are RIGHT, and one is not fucking SINGLE!)]

Yeah, so I'm single. I don't care. I kinda like it. It's so liberating, in SOOOO many ways. SINGLENESSHOOD. *pauses* What a beauty!

I'm going for dinner tomorrow night with Joe. We're going to have appetizers AND main courses AND desserts AND limitless yummy drinks. OH, YES! INDEED! MMM! The BELL-EH is READ-EH! Hahahaha.

Ok, enough jokes for the night. Spanish test first thing in the morning. Maybe I should go over a few things. Another 100% would be nice. I am also continuing my bids on eBay for a frickin MP3 player. Good luck to me!

February 12th, 2007


MAJOR allergic reaction! GOOD LORD! My goodness. My arm is SO swollen, it's ridiculous. I can't even describe it. It looks similar to when I thought I was breaking out in hives, but it's frickin HUGE ones now. Seriously, like SWOLLEN! BIG, RED, SWOLLEN areas. My goodness. And ITCHES! Crap. What the HELL, man?! Before, I went to the doctor and she gave me some little sample tubes of cream to use. HA! One of those tubes will cover ONE swollen area! WTF?!?! WHAT am I allergic to?!?!?! I am ANNOYED! UGH! I can't even stand to have my bracelet on. My diamond bracelet that I love. The best thing that came out of my high school graduation. LOL. No, seriously! NO LAUGHING! I am NOT pleased.

Anyway, today was pretty busy. I had classes from 10am til 12:45pm. I went to the cafe and got some soup and fruit for lunch. I got the 1:44pm bus to West End Mall. I promised Erin at Junior Achievement that I would be there to help pack. They call it a "packing party." Cute, huh? See, in April, JANS has a huge program for all the ninth grade classes in HRM. They need 345 volunteers (they pair them up for the classes) for ONE DAY (April 4th) to spend the morning delivering the ESIS (Economics of Staying in School) program. I love JA, and I'm so sorry that I can't deliver the program, especially since they need SOOOO many people! It's the last week of classes, so I shouldn't miss any. If I didn't have classes, or it was any other week, I would be more than happy to help out. Maybe that's why I insisted on helping the JANS crew pack. I got there just after 2pm, and met Erin, Jayme (their co-op student), Brenda, Leslie, Lynn, and Beth (from the New Glasgow office) packing away. I was assigned to the binder table. It was a pretty good job. There was a guide book for the volunteers to put in the 3 ring binder, and the student workbook to put in the back pocket. In the front pocket, I inserted 3 sheets, one brochure, and three set of cards (atleast 32 cards in each set). It was easy enough. Then two chicas came who apparently always do the binders, and don't want to do anything else, and don't want to be separated. I was fine with moving on to something else. As a volunteer, and someone who LOVES JA, it was nothing. When I started thinking about, though, I got SO PISSED. I was cursing in my head. These fucking bitches. WTF?! You can only work together?! GROW THE FUCK UP ASSHOLES! And the whole deal with only wanting to do one job... WTF type of volunteering is that?! You'd think they'd fill in wherever they could, especially since no real skills were required for any of the mindless fucking tasks. Anyway, I kind of calmed myself. I've gotta say that I had a GREAT laugh when I overheard that one of the girls is getting married in June. She'll see how far that "only do what I'm used to and what I like," and the "stuck at the fucking hip" attitude will get her. HA. BITCH! LOL. I love the way I'm so pissed over something so simple, and calling random people I've known for less than 4 hours bitches. HAHAHA. Anyway, I got a shitty job, pulling stuff out of stuffed envelopes. Soon, Erin saved me, recruiting me to her table. We called ourselves, "The Elasticizers!" We were putting the 3 sets of cards together with elastic bands. Hahaha. The funny thing is that when the pizza came, everyone was done except the dumbass bitchass girl who wanted to do their "special job" all alone, just the two of them. We all sat down and ate the nice hot pizza while those two assholes tried to finish up. HAHAHA! That pleased me greatly. How mean, hey? Oh well! We were done eating by 6pm, and did a 20 minutes clean up of the warehouse area. Then Leslie gave me a drive to Dartmouth High where I volunteer for their Company Program. We finished up early there, but I missed the bus by 5 minutes, so I had to wait for 25 minutes for the next one. That was fine. I was thinking anyway. Now I'm back at SMU. I'm on eBay bidding on MP3 players. I lost the one I had. I couldn't find it when it was time to leave Nassau. Oh well. I'll find one for $50. I wouldn't bother, but on the 6 hours drive on the bus with 80 teenagers to NB next weekend, I may like to have it, not to mention at the gym. I'm going at 7:30am daily soooo... Yeah. Well that's it. Nothing else to report. OH NO! I LIIIIIIIIIE! Finished the letter for Leonardo, as well as the CDs. I ended up making 4 CDs for him. I also included the two pictures we took. I'm going to Lawton's tomorrow to mail it, I SWEAR! He needs to get it soon so I can stop stressing about it, and he can RESPOND! EXCITEMENT!!!!!

January 28th, 2007

Hottest Girl at the Bar!

"Friend," you say? WTF is that?! Does that even exist?! LOL. Ok, so "friends" do exist. I just don't have that many. I kinda like it that way... Most of the time. Well, all the time. Last night, I couldn't find any one to go to The Dome with me. I mean, I guess I wasn't really ACTIVELY looking or whatever. I guess I really didn't care. I'd already made up my mind that I wanted to go, so that was that. That's how I am. If I wanna do it, and I make up my mind that I'm gonna do it, I do it.

On Friday evening I went to African Dance. I got Olivia to go with me, and she enjoyed it. I think she'll be a regular now. It was GREAT. I was so hyped and pumped afterwards. I got home, and I put on some music, and was dancing all by myself, in the dark, in my room. It was the best thing ever. Then I got my hipscarf and did my thaaaaaaaang! It was SO much fun. That's was when I decided that I would go out dancing the next night (last night). I spoke to Erica in the middle of my dance session. She heard all the noise and I explained what I was doing. She thought I was drunk. I was so happy and hyper and everything. I don't know why I'm not allowed to be energetic and fun unless I'm drunk, but that's another issue. I just assured her that I wasn't, and that I was just having a good time. She started talking about Int'l Night, and I told her I wasn't going. We discussed this for a bit, and I told her that I was REALLY feeling The Dome for Saturday night. She kinda agreed, but without actually stating it. Anyway, Saturday rolled around and she called me from Int'l Night, telling me to come for the after party. I didn't. She called again, and she also said to give her a call when I was heading out. I showered, and took my time getting ready. I had a GREAT time with my makeup, and it looked AWESOME, though no one saw it since everywhere I went was so damn dark. Anyway, I went to Int'l Night after party like 20 minutes before it was over, talked to some people. Olivia agreed to go with me after I said I would pay for her. Then, a few minutes later she said she was too tired. I was rather pissed, but I just flipped my hand in the air, as if to say, "Whatever," I walked away. Erica came shortly after, saying she was tired. That was that. I was like, okay, fuck all them. I went and got my coat, and called myself a cab.

January 18th, 2007


YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANT TO KNOW YOU... I want to know 26 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other.You're on my list, so let me know who I am friends with.

1. Can you cook?
2. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
3. What talent do you wish you had?
4. Favorite place?
5. Favorite vegetable?
6. What was the last book you read?
7. Are you Dirty or Clean?
8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?
9. Worst Habit?

January 13th, 2007

How Do You Spell $1 and $2?

So, I never knew how to spell the names for the Canadian $1 and $2 pieces. I decided to ask jdp17 while we were talking on MSN. Here's how it went. LOL

~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
How do you spell the words for $2 and $1?

 ジョウ  says:
Two and one?
 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
Canadian names for the money pieces
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
I'm gonna die
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
and not knowing how to spell those things
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
tell me b4 I die
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
Toonie and loonie.  
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
Oh God
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
my stomach
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
it hurts so bad
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
Oh my gosh
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
*takes deep breaths*

 ジョウ  says:
Hahaha.  Ahhhh I'm stupid.  Lmao.
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
I guess I asked it in a dumb way
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
Haha.  Miscommunication.  
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
*breathes deeply*
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
Ok, I'm breathing normally now
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
Oh gosh

 ジョウ  says:
Haha.  That's good.
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:
I HAVE to LJ that
~* £ôvèlÿ £í©î *~ || Que Sera, Sera ||  Wants...  Needs...  Loves... says:

 ジョウ  says:
 ジョウ  says:
Go for it.  Haha.

GOTTA love MSN Messenger. LOL. Well, I got his permission to post, so laugh away, people. Laugh away.

December 1st, 2006


Not a whole lot has been going on these days. Just a whole lot of restless nights, and then too much sleep during the day. I've been completerly drained for a while now. That event that must be like 2 weeks ago now has really turned my life into something I can no longer recognize. I've finally reached the point where I just slapped it aside, and said, "Ya know what? This canNOT take over my life. It just has to wait until Thursday." As for right now, I need to focus on catching up on my reading, and doing well on my exams. I also need to repair my broken sleep schedule. My sleep habits have never been especially "good" or "healthy", but it's never been this bad either. For example, on Monday morning I had my Spanish exam (aural). I went to sleep around 5am, and the exam was at 10am... yeaaaaah! I definitely can't do that with these next two finals. My finals are on Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, I have a less-than-timely makeup test for POLI 1200. I haven't even started reading. Monday and Tuesday I have tutorial sessions from MGSC 1206. I hope to get the bulk of my review done before then. Otherwise, the review sessions will be of no real use to me.

Yesterday evening, I went for dinner with Jha and Elie. It was lots of fun. It was the first time I had Chinese food in Halifax. I used to have Chinese every now and then at home, and during one particular summer, I had it like twice a week, religiously. Everyone always says the Chinese food here sucks, but I totally trust Jha, and I went with her on that one (that this particular place was good). The food was good. I was a little disappointed that there was no pineapple in my sweet and sour chicken (hahaha) but it was okay. Afterwards, we went walking, made a few stops, and talked about random things. It was a really good time. I thought I would feel guilty about going out after the fact because I had so much work to do, but it was such a good time that I really couldn't be upset about it. Once again, it was a great thing for someone to get me out of my room. If left to my own devices, I'd just sit here all day, staring at my computer screen, refreshing my email and SMUSA forum page with the TV  Guide Listings channel playing in the background. Lousy, I know. lol. Anyway, this evening I met up with Jha and Elie at the SMUDS office. Sean came in afterwards, and so did Stepha (who I met for the first time). It was another fun few minutes. Things are really looking up! Jha got me THE best Christmas gifts. They're AWESOME and I LOVE 'em! :) I can't wait to do MY Christmas shopping now! Thursday (pay day) can't come soon enough!

At some point tonight, I need to go through at least 2 of the 8 assignments that I need to review for MGSC. Hopefully, I will also make it through a chapter of ECON. There are TWELVE to cover. Sheesh! I can do it though. I know I can. I just need to motivate myself more. I'll work on that... Soon.

Father is still trying to get me to leave Halifax on Saturday and meet him and my sister in Miami. The last flight out of Halifax and into New York is 3:45pm. To make that flight, I'd have to be to the airport around 2:30pm which means I need to leave SMU at 1:45pm. The Junior Achievement Company Program Trade Fair is on that day, and I need to be their for my group. I'm the lead advisor, so it really wouldn't be nice not to show up. The best I can do is leave at 1pm, take a bus back to SMU, and hopefully get here in time to grab my bag and wait for the cab. I guess I can do it, if I really want to. It would mean packing the night before. I also hope to go out the night before, and just chill for a bit, maybe have a few drinks. No. DEFINITELY have MORE than a few drinks. Hahahaha! I guess I'll call around to my advisors and see if someone can pick up from 1pm onward. The upside of going home early is that I KNOW Alan Daddy will take me for a real good dinner, wherever I wanna go, and I can order whatever. Hmmm... On the other hand, if I leave on Sunday, I will be in Nassau before them. I'll be in at 1:15pm, and I will get to have Ma's Sunday dinner while it is HOT and FRESH. There's nothing I like about going home besides Sunday dinner by Ma's. I don't know exactly what time their flight from Miami to Nassau is, but it definitely won't get 'em on the island by 1:15pm. Decisions, decisions. I'll let the Trade Fair schedule and the price difference for the change in fare and penalty be the deciding factor.

I have now procrastinated for a full hour. I think it's time for me to get something done that I can be proud of tomorrow. There isn't much else to say anyway.

November 25th, 2006


Well, today I'm pretty blaaaaaaaaaah. Like, ugh, yuck, ick. It's stupid. I woke up at like 2pm, got a shower, and called the girl who was supposed to check out the apartment I want. She's a potential roommate. She said she liked the place, but was on the line with her mother and would call me back. Well... She didn't. What this means, if anything, I don't know. Maybe her mother was like "Nooooo," or maybe she didn't really like it that much. Who knows?! I don't! I guess I'll see if she calls later on. There is another person - a 28 year old - who looked at the place and I'm supposed to meet her tomorrow. She's a friend of the current tenant. Thing is, she has cats. I don't like animals. I don't like cats. I don't know how that will work...

Nadia called. She messaged me and I told her I didn't feel that great. We've been talking for hours now, just rambling on about nothing. Erica called a while ago on my cell. I know that she took note of how shitty I sounded, and that's why she was encouraging me to go to the G-Brook with her. The Caribbean Society is having a Domino Tournament and Game Night tonight. They started at 5pm. She said she was going to take a shower, and I should put on clothes and get ready to go. She was pretty adamant about it, and I always feel bad about turning people down. Besides that, when I'm in a mood like this I barely have energy to speak, let alone argue. I was just like, ummm, okay. I guess it will be good to get out of my room. It should wake me up a bit, and maybe improve my mood. Going out with her, I'll be pretending to be in a great mood anyway, and after a while of faking it, you just have to make it. That's just the way it works. Pretend to be all happy and cheery, and eventually, the pretending part will fade away. Either that, or I'll end up in an even pissier mood. Oh well... I'll see how it goes.

November 14th, 2006

My Political Compass

In my POLI 1200 class, a website (www.politicalcompass.org) was mentioned. The prof said that we could do a questionnaire, and the results would tell us where we are, politically. I, being me, loving questionnaires, surveys and such things, got right on it. Here is my Political Compass:

Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: -1.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.21



November 10th, 2006

Library Shuffle

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle/Random
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley

Waking Up: I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls

First Day At School: There Goes The Neighbourhood

Falling In Love
: Don't Cry - Seal

Breaking Up: I Don't Need a Man - PussyCat Dolls

Prom: Try It Baby - Marvin Gaye

Life's OK: All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

Breakdown: Okay Alone - Gabriel Mann

Driving: Sometimes It Be That Way - Jewel (I was hoping for Ridin' by Chamillionnaire. lol)

: U and Dat - E-40 f/t T-Pain and Kandi Girl

Getting Back Together
: My Way - Usher Raymond

Wedding: Don't Leave Me - Blackstreet (Jumping a little far ahead, huh?)

Sex Scene: By Your Side - Sade (I guess it's love making - not just sex. hahaha)

Birth of Child: International Affair - Sean Paul

Final Battle: Pump It - Black Eyed Peas (This movie HAS to be an effing farce)

Death Scene: Nice Time - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Funeral Song: Praise You - Fatboy Slim

Dance Sequence: Lost - Prince Mydas & Shaggy

End Credits: Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera Sera) - Doreis Day
So I had a very long and interesting conversation with Ms Curry. Ms Curry, just to be clear, is the mother of my first boyfriend. She is a very nice lady. She was always kind and gracious to me, and very tolerant (when the time came for late night phone calls, etc.). She's always been (kind of) a role model to me. I am certain that I view her quite differently than she views herself. My main impression of her? Strong, quiet, intuitive, ambitious, hard-working, and so many other things... Many of those things, I aspire to be. Anyway, she's always been good to me, a great friend, another parents, a positive influence, and excellent to talk to. We've emailed back and forth a few times, and I guess the time rolled around for a telephone conversation. She thanked me, endlessly, for my emails. They, apparently, were encourgaing and uplifting, and she'd saved them. Beyond that, we talked about school and work. She told me that she'd finished her Bachelor's degree and was working on Human Resources Certificate. She went on to talk about her hopes for the future, in terms of her education, her career, and life in general. I found that we share a lot of goals. She also spoke about the loss of her friend. About two months ago, I called her to wish her a happy birthday, only to find that she was very upset. Her best friend has just died. She still seems to be dealing with the grief. We spoke about it for a while until we sensed each other becoming slightly uncomfortable. The conversation then shifted back to school and work. She gave me some good advice, and words of encouragement which I appreciate greatly.

We hardly spoke about Leonardo, her son and my former boyfriend. She mentioned him once or twice, very offhandedly. After a while, I asked her about him. He'd moved to one of the "family islands" before I left in August. She said he was doing well and enjoying his work there. She commented that he was keeping himself busy which was good. I'm sure that she wanted to say that it was keeping him out of trouble, but she didn't. I was happy that she didn't. That was a turn that I wasn't particularly prepared for the conversation to take. Anyway, she went on to say that it was a different kind of life and atmosphere on that island. She mentioned that he kept asking her to visit, and that she expected that she would in January. I encouraged her to go. The island life is much more relaxed and laid back than Nassau - the city life. She could really use the break. I wanted to ask about his daughter, and whether or not either of them saw her, but I stopped myself. I wasn't sure about the limitations on that topic. I'd never discussed it with her, or let on that I knew about the child. It just seemed best to keep my mouth shut about it. Still, I'm curious. I really hope that he is a part of the child's life, although her mother is being such a big bitch about it. Oh well... I guess I will have to wait until I speak to him personally which will be quite some time. It would be a stroke of luck for me to call at a time that he is at home. I don't have any contact information for him on the island. Maybe during the Christmas vacation I will catch up with him. It is likely that he will return to Nassau, at least for Christmas and/or New Year's Day.

This weekend, I have big plans. I need to catch up on NaNoWriMo, and catch up on school work/reading. I intend to seriously go over my ECON 3316 notes. I've convinced my prof to make the midterm (20%) worth 0% for me, and add the 20% to the final examination, originally worth 35%. Yes, my ECON 3316 final exam is now worth 55%. Get it now? I really have to bust my hump, and ensure that I totally absorb all of the information in the notes. This man is ridiculous with his questions. I've never seen multiple choice questions that were SO specific, yet so vague. Ugh! I hate multiple choice. In addition to having to learn a whole bunch of things, I need to work on my multiple choice test-taking skills. Seriously... It's hard enough to get a decent grade on the multiple choice HOMEwork. Imagine an exam. *Shakes in boots* At 2pm there is a bond appeal to hear, so that is a fixed factor of my schedule for tomorrow. Aside from that, I'm pretty free. Hopefully, I'll go to the Hfx Shppg Cntr to get my SIN. I really need to get paid. My bank account balance is looking rather ridiculous right now. There's no telling when my mother will ever make it to the blasted bank. *sighs* Then, there's MGSC 1206. I can't wait for the last minute with that class. I've already thrown away 7% on the midterm I took on Wednesday. I didn't prepare at all, but I won't get into THAT story. Aside from that, there's just Spanish which is no worry to me at all, and POLI 1200. For a bird course, it's really making me quite nervous. There is a paper due on Thursday on the US mid-term elections. I know NOTHING about the US government, let alone the mid-term elections. It's going to require quite a bit of research. As if that isn't enough, the damned woman is going to miss the class on Nov 21 (when I signed up to present) so she has moved my presentation up to Nov. 16. Just effing fantastic. UGH! I've GOT to get that stuff done.

Okay, talking about what I have to do is started to either make me tired, or depress me. I'm going to have a shower. Then, hot chocolate. Then I'm going to lay in bed, under my new blanket, with my new universal remote, and get some Zs. Yes... That sounds good. Great!

November 9th, 2006

Life is hay-wire. It hasn't gone hay-wire, and I haven't made it hay-wire. It just is. That's just the way it is. Okay, fine. So I'm lying to myself. I've caused my life to go rather crazy. I've just been kind of lazy, laid-back and nonchalant about lots of things. There are things that I should have, or could have, done, but haven't because I'm too lazy, didn't make the time, and/or was too afraid to. This ends here. I mean it. I'm hopping back over into the driver's seat. I don't know who was driving before, but I'm taking it back - I'm taking back my life. Enough of this whole helpless act, sitting by passively, watching as things slip away and pass me by while I just sigh or mumble under my breath.

I've been idly watching as my grades slip. I still have an A+ in all of my classes, but of course, as time goes on and more and more grades are given, the chance of me having those A+s in December decreases. I'm pretty sure that I blew it in my MGSC 1206 class today in the second midterm worth 7% of my grade. Hopefully I did well enough to hold on to an A. I guess one A and the 3 A+ grades are okay... I guess. Well, it better be since this is where I find myself right now. It's my own fault, really. I knew the exam was coming, and I kept saying that I would review, but I never did. Something (or someONE) always got in the way. Yes, I truly need to take it all back - take back my life. I need to be responsible for myself - my grades, my health, my happiness... all of that.

NaNoWriMo has started, and has left me behind. I've got to catch up. I hope to catch up on the weekend... BIG TIME! That means that I really need to dig up those excellent time management skills. I've got to, somehow, manage to catch up on the whole NaNoWriMo thing since my word count is actually quite laughable AND I've got to do some reading for my classes. I DID, afterall, pay for them. At least, I WILL be paying for them... Years from now. UGH! I don't even want to think about it. THAT is a WHOLE different story. *Growls*

There was so much more to say, but for some reason, it has escaped me. At some point, I'll be back with a drama story of some sort. LIFE!
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